Art Portrait

Many blogs reflect and record personal life. As Prada said(2009) the blog phenomenon is surely the clearest return to the “self” and to subjectivity itself in the field of media. So you can find lots of funny works form other people’s blogs. In the Alma Haser’s blog, her amazing “cosmic surgery” work, which she used part of her relative portrait photography to combine it with origami and re-photograph a new art portrait. Based on her idea, I created some funny portrait collage of mine.



Alam’s  ‘Cosmic Surgery’ photos, she used a real simple method creating a new style of self-portrait. It allows the self-portrait to not be restricted within the same plane. More importantly, Alma transformed each origami face to give it a sense of a being a flattened sculpture(Haser, 2014). (More Alam’s work, please click:

I also did research from artist John Stezaker.  In His portrait collages, he ‘appropriates images found in books, magazines and postcards and uses them as readymades’ (William,2012).In John’s Marriage series, he focused on the portraiture, both as art, historical genre and public identity. He uses classic film stars by splicing and overlapping these famous faces creating hybrid ‘icons’ that ‘dissociate the familiar to create sensations of the uncanny’(willam,2012).

js-love-XI-00359___ AP-STEZJ-01080-300

AP-STEZJ-00741-300 js-film-portrait-incision

Inspired by those Alma’s self-portrait combine with origami and John’s images combination collages, I used Photoshop to create mine. I took a portrait of a friend of mine, then, through the Internet to find a polyhedron I like, combining my friend face with each side of polyhedron and add little shadow at parts of side. That tries to create more vivid effects of 3D face and made a self-portrait that is both diverse and interesting.





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